Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hooked on Crochet

When I was ten, my mom married a man that I absolutely did not like. Unfortunately she didn't listen to a ten year old little girl, because what could kids possibly know that adults don't. Anyway, one of the good things about him was his mother. She was a German immigrant and a hard-working farm wife, though by the time I had met her they were living in town, retired from farming. As much as I didn't like her son, I loved her. Maybe it was because she actually liked to spend time with me. One of the things she did in her spare time was crochet. I was fascinated by the way she could take and ordinary piece of yarn and create something beautiful from it. I loved the way a pattern would emerge, and if she was using a variegated yarn, how the colors would merge.
I didn't have a long attention span for anything, except reading and coloring, so I'm sure it was a challenge for her when I asked her to teach me how to do that (crochet). Luckily for me, she taught me all of the basic stitches that I would ever need to know. I don't think I ever did make a single item as a child, but as I said, I did not have a very long attention span. According to my doctors when I was a kid, I was a "high-strung" child (a.k.a.hyperactive).
After we moved out to the farm I was more into my horses than I was yarn, so the only time I played around with it was if I spent the night at my grandparent's house. Then I got married to my first husband and started having kids of my own. My step-mother-in-law also crocheted, and had made beautiful blankets for both of my older children when they were born, which once again started to pique my interest in creating things with yarn. So I went out and bought myself some yarn and a beginners set of crochet hooks, along with a book to refresh myself on the basic stitches. I was lucky enough to be able to be a stay at home mom, so when the kids were taking naps or playing with friends, I would pick up a hook and yarn and try to create something. Once again I don't think in six years time I ever completed or created a thing with doing crochet, because I had also become hooked oncross-stitch around this same time.
Time passed and all three of my kids have grown-up to become adults and in all that time I had not picked up a crochet hook and yarn. Then I started getting older, and all the stupid things I had done when I was young started catching up with me. First I became a part of medical history by receiving the second artificial disc in my neck. It's called a Nuvasive Disc. Then I had female problem that I had to have surgery for and then in 2011 I started to have severe pain in my left shoulder. When I couldn't hold my granddaughter for any amount of time without tears, I made the appointment to have the surgery on my shoulder for a torn biceps tendon. It ended up being the biceps tendonrotator cuffAC Joint, andlabrium. So my shoulder was pretty messed up and I had a long recovery ahead of me. Shoulder surgery has anywhere from a 3 month to 6 month recovery period. During this time is also when my mother-in-law became very ill and since I wasn't working, I became the designated caregiver. I needed something to do to occupy my time. Fortunately I have an e-reader, so I spend a lot of time reading, but books are for another page. I went out and bought myself a knitting loom, because I had heard and read that it did not take a lot of arm movement and I knew it would not cause any damage to my recovering shoulder. In my 5th month of recovery from the first surgery on my shoulder my recovery had stopped, and the pain was as bad as ever. I had Adhesive Capsulitis, thus requiring a second surgery and another 3-6 months recovery time.
I was getting frustrated with the knitting loom (knitting board) so I decided that I was going to attempt to crochet again. I didn't want to make just baby blankets, though that was the first thing I did to get myself back into it. I wanted to do more! I wanted to make stuffed animals, clothing for the grandbabies', my daughters and myself. Maybe make gifts for family members! So I started teaching myself new stitches, and for two years now I haven't stopped creating.
I have made a sweater for my mom, a top for one of my daughters, a hoody for Bella as well as a dress for her, two tops for myself and right now I'm working on making monkeys for some of the special kids in my life. I hope you enjoy seeing my creations as much as I enjoy making them.
Oh, you may wonder what this has to do with my blog. Actually, quite a bit. This is My Life With Crohn's and creativity is a huge part of my life. I have found crocheting to bring me a calmness when I am anxious about my symptoms. It is something I can work on, but it's okay to put it down during bathroom emergencies, because like a book, I can pick up right where I left off. Plus there is a satisfaction in actually accomplishing something. Since I have been unable to work outside of the house, this is important to me to have an outlet for my creative side.
I'm hoping soon to add to my artistic nature with paintings that I have wanted to do for awhile, but for now I'm just going to stay hooked on crochet.
Until next time...

Many Blessings and remember to LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE!